I?m not sure whether this is the right place to ask. The food forum seems to be more diet oriented while my question is more of a topic about adaptability.

So I really like eating noodles especially Ramen but since I became quadriplegic, I haven?t been eating them as much as I would like to because it typically involves me being fed. It?s just way too messy when I try to eat on my own. The soup splatters everywhere and the noodles are almost impossible to get into a spoon.

I have wrist control on my left but not my right. The strategy I?ve been trying or rather thinking of trying would be to have my adaptive spoon on my left and my adoptive fork on my right. I would use the fork to push the noodles on to the spoon but this doesn?t really seem to be a good strategy.

Do any of you have your own methods that you could share on how to eat noodles? Theres this udon shop that just opened near me which doesn?t allow take out but seems to be really delicious. I would like to try it.