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    Question Pleural Effusions

    I've been having problems with fluid building up in the tissue surrounding my lungs. Doctors are having difficulty figuring out why this keeps happening. I was wondering if SCI itself could be a cause? I've not found anything that says yes.

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    Did you have an untreated chest injury when you injured your spine. I did, but my health recs have asbestos exposure.

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    I've had one pleural effusion, 3.5 litres drained from my chest! No wonder I was struggling to breathe even with a vent. According to my doctors they do just happen but most likely causes are lung cancer, heart disease or infection, did they do tests for all of those? I had all the tests including analysing the fluid from chest and no problems were seen. I was told that if it became a regular problem they could use talcum powder to "glue" lungs onto chest so that the fluid had no where to build up.

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    No untreated chest injury that I'm aware of. I've had fluid drained twice. About 1.5 L each time. No signs of heart disease, infection, or lung cancer. One blood test showed the possibility of autoimmune disease so that is now being investigated.

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    They can occur when the capacity of the breath is not high enough. Fluid starts to come in.
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