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Thread: I just bought a van

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    I just bought a van

    I just got a 1992 Ford Econoline Van with Ricon Uni-Lite lift, Ricon 6-way transfer seat, and Ricon power sliding door opener.

    It is old but in good shape with only 63K miles. Should last a long time.

    Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and shared your experiences, I believe I made a good choice in selecting a full size van over a minivan. You were very helpful in my decision.

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    6 way seat, power door, and lift new add up to what I was quoted at $20,000. You found a decent looking old van with the necessary expensive parts already installed.
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    I've got a 93 E150 that I bought when first injured almost 18 years ago and it's been a great van. Those Ricon seat bases are very reliable. The swivel motor and slide motors are GM power window motors that can be had for next to nothing if you ever have any problems with those.

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    That's good to know. Thanks!

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    Congratulations, looks like a good find. I have been ready to make the switch from car to van for a while now and good ones can be heard to find especially if working within a budget.

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    Thank you. I am not ready to give up cars for fun. Just wanting some relief on my shoulders for running around town.

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    Grats man

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