I have removed my Foley catheter after a year indwelling while recovering from Ischial wound. Had my flap surgery 8 months ago (after 10 months on wound vac) and it is finally healed after being sheared open the day I was transferred from hospital to skilled nursing. I discharged in December to home and my wound had sheared the very day I arrived home as I had only a mere 3 days of epithelial layer built up. I spent the next month at home bed-bound and since being up in my chair, I've had about 4 minor shearing episodes which we treated while continuing sitting therapy. All is good now, last shearing has closed and I'm using Meplilex (sp?) 2x2s to protect the area for now. It's working fabulously. I am also taking extra precautions when transferring to avoid shearing (ie.: using a soft terrycloth hand towel on my transfer board which was the answer to much of my shearing issues). I hadn't used a transfer board in 35 years until I got the wound and needed it to prevent tearing off my wound vac draping. For toilet transfers I have been wrapping a soft terrycloth hand towel on the side of the toilet seat where my wound site is to avoid shearing and again, it's been key in helping. We tried all sorts of fabrics and the soft terrycloth was the best. I had my nurse mimic my transfers and he was able to tell me where he felt the drag. This was super helpful, wish I had thought of it sooner.

I had the foley installed a year ago when I first got the wound so as to avoid maceration as I have a lot of urinary incontinence. I have always straight cathed and am returning to that regimen now. I have had the foley out for two days now and I've been trying to straight cath every couple of hours however I am getting only trace amounts in the catheter and everything else is soaking my incontinence pads. I'm not surprised by this, I expected it. But I'm wondering now, how long it might take to get a little bladder retention back... even just a little. I will be having my urodynamics/cystoscopy done next week, which is why I have removed the foley now. I was advised to have no foley for a good 5+ days prior to my urodynamics (thank you SCI nurses here because my urology team never even suggested it). I have cut back on my water intake a bit during this time which is not the best choice but it's maddening enough with all the leakage I already have. Would love to hear any input, especially from other women. It seems to always be the men here who are super candid and while it's very much appreciated, it would be helpful to hear how other women handle these things. Thanks in advance!