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Thread: speeding up bowel transit time

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    speeding up bowel transit time

    seems like everytime i get like totally cleared out like from my noSe to ass, i dont go again for a while. anyway to keep things moving. i have sensation so no BP. rep
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    Allow enough time after eating for the stomach and bowels to digest and move along.
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    LOL i eat corn to see how long the time is i call them trackers

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    Keeping the stool formed and not hard ( like a milky way) semisoft, will make it easier to go through the intestines.
    Stool softeners, diet, probiotics, drinking water/liquids should be used first before laxatives. Dig stim , suppository or Enemeez to empty out colon if needed.
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    Do you still use psyllium husk? My bowels recently started slowing down and I started adding the husk to my daily diet. It has made a big difference.

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    I use a soluble fiber that you cannot taste and can go in anything, called benefiber, once per day.
    I use an insoluble fiber (psyllium), such as Citrucel/Metamucil, once per day.
    I use a half dose of a stool hydrater, such as MiraLAX, every other day.
    I take a stool softener, once per day.
    I drink plenty of water and try to eat a diet that provides adequate fiber.
    I do my bowel routine every other day.

    This seems to keep the train moving. I believe mouth to rectum transit time is about 24 to 48 hours. One needs to keep ingesting proper foods in order to keep G.I. motility in order to push bowel contents out the other end.

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