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Thread: wheelchair color recommendation

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    wheelchair color recommendation

    I am asking for the color recommendation.
    high gloss black & lime or orange
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    I like the orange.My chair is mat black with blue.

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    I have the titanium chair with orange. Bought it three years ago and still love it.

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    between those two colors; orange for sure.
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    Green is my favourite colour, but that orange has panache! I say orange. And if you're that way inclined, the Round Betty Dino orange spokes and the Frog Legs orange castors may be a pretty good colour match to the anodising.

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    Out of those I like the orange. My last chair was black/red. It looked dirty easy and worse when it got scratched. My new chair is brushed titanium/blue. It looks cleaner and doesn't scratch.
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    I wanted to like the lime green color, but that orange looks much better. And goes better with the black imo.

    For either tho I dislike those colored frame protectors... I'd strip that off and put straight black on if it were me.

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    I too am rather drawn to the orange
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