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    Distance tracking

    Does anyone track your distance rolled and/or walked on a daily basis? If so what hardware/software setup do you use? Ideally, I'd like to be able to see a breakdown of time/distance that I walked vs wheeled vs sat still (and if possible moved at faster speeds like when driving or biking) for a given day.

    I read about a study that compared the accuracy of some of the top devices when used by elderly people with various levels of walking impairment (using assistive devices). In the end, for almost all devices, it came out that the greater the impairment, the greater the inaccuracy.

    I'm sure no magic app and device exists to do what I'm looking for, but I'm wondering what people (who are into data and tracking... like me) are doing.

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    When I worked at the VA, our weight control program had odometers made for bikes that worked for manual wheelchairs as well. You might want to talk to your local bike shop.

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    So this doesn't necessarily solve my problem but it was interesting to read the lengths Apple went to be able to detect time/distance one spends pushing a wheelchair. This article is from 2016 (and I believe references the Apple Watch 1), so I'm guessing it's progressed a bit since then.

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    Wondering if this thread belongs in the Technology forum. Mods, any thoughts?

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    The iPhone 7 that I have has Wheelchair Distance included in the standard Health app, but I’ve no idea how it works, or if it works, but somehow it knows I don’t use a wheelchair as the distance is always zero!

    My son might be willing to do a 5km carrying my phone and see whether it realises that he is wheeling....
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    Strava works great for distance tracking. It's a free app.

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