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Thread: Looking for a compact folding wheelchair

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
    What doesnt fit you about an Icon? I have trouble with the non-adjustable, or user configurable at manufacture, footrest width and depth. Again. (Same with the Marvel M1).
    Im too tall for the chair; I’m 6’3 with long legs. I’d love to have an Icon but it’s too small for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    I measured my 35 year old Quickie HP its 11 1/4 inch folded. 6 inches wide with the wheels off. The widest part is the caster housings.
    I measure my girl friends Aero x and it was 11. I said hers was smallish because the back folds down, which makes it no taller than the wheels.
    I started using a folder, because of a rigid. That screwing around taking the wheels off and putting them back on, in the rain, cold. Beating the hell out of the inside of the door. No thanks. I less than a minute, I can snatch the chair in the car and be gone. If someone made a cushion that would fold with the chair it would be even quicker.
    When the OP asked about chair size I took into consideration all the measurements. Height, width, length.
    What rigid do you have. Most of the new rigid's have the caster sticking out 3-4 inches.
    I remember a thread years back that was titled "Cleaning your chair with your T-shirt" about the joys of hauling a rigid frame in your car.
    Ok, this makes a lot more sense to me. I figured 12 inches was way too wide.

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