Hi all,

I've had my same power-assist iGlide (Tailwind) wheelchair for 14 years which I got using health insurance through my employer with Tricare as secondary insurance. However, I can no longer get batteries. I've been getting the cells replaced, but even this isn't the best solution. This is the one and only chair I've owned. I am now on Medicare with Tricare as second payer. I've been told Medicare will only help pay for either a manual or a power chair. My shoulder keeps me from being able to use a manual chair. I do not want/need a power chair. I still get plenty of cardio using my power assist chair and don't want to lose that ability. Tricare is secondary and since it is also government insurance it follows Medicare guidelines and won't pay out if Medicare won't pay.

Is there anyone who might be able to help me navigate Medicare/Tricare?