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Thread: Install hand controls on our own

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    Don't feel bad about driving older vehicle, have three sets of hand controls (2 MPD and a Wells-Enberg) in a 1998 Honda CR-V, 2001 Toyota Highlander and a 1993 Ford E150 with lift. Have used portable but only temporarily would never long term.

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    I bought some monarch ones on ebay and have put them in 3 different vehicles myself. I could see maybe getting sued if you caused an accident and weren't properly trained and licensed to use the controls.

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    What do people here think of the push/rock type of hand control? I have used the Push/right angle and push/pull. But I have never used the push/rock. Was considering getting one.

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    I've never used the push/rock types but have seen them. A friend of mine uses them and likes them. There's really not much too them, and seem easy to install.

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