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Thread: Install hand controls on our own

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    My portables are a floppy calamity which am rather apprehensive to use long-term, or with any sort of spritely driving (or emergency maneuvers for that matter) as I have zero functioning trunk muscles.
    Monte Carlo is 2001. I wish they still made them. Not a problem with gas. Just easier with the portables on the Bimmer. If your portables are a floppy calamity, they aren't installed correctly. You can reduce play with a strap around the steering wheel. You can eliminate play with a bracket.

    By the way, when I first installed the portables in the Bimmer, I felt the same way. Not optimal for spirited driving. But with a few tweaks they are fine now. First you have to secure them. Second, extend the tube for the gas as far as possible to increase sensitivity.

    Remember that not all portables are the same. They look similar. But they operate differently. I think I would hate the ones where you push with your thumb for gas.
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