Okay so I'm wanting to start driving. Come to find out hand controls are $1200 + labor and was quoted about $1600 in total.. I've installed hand controls with a friend and it's literally only 6 simple bolts and for $1600 that's outrageous. I'd prefer not to pay so much when I already have 2 sets of controls and could have them installed within minutes for FREE

I talked about this with an occupational therapist and he said I could easily be sued if I get in an accident. 2 things about that though;
1. I'm sure they would have to show the accident was caused by the hand controls being improperly installed (which they won't be, because they're so damn simple lol)
2. ‎They have universal hand controls which people can installed on their own, so why not these?

I could just install them, take them to a dealer to have them inspected and say I just bought the car and they were already in there 🤷

I'll add I used to work on my vehicles before I was paralyzed, and most of my friends are car guys and know how to tear down and fix a car

What do y'all do for your vehicles??