Once again, a situation has reinforced my discovery sediment in my bladder the clogs my Foley catheter is caused by some kind of bacteria. Last month, I had a minor ingrown toenail treated. The doctor put me on Keflex for 10 days as a preventative. The Keflex kills the bacteria in my kidneys and bladder, and there was no sediment formed to block the catheter. I stayed sediment free for a couple of weeks after the end of the Keflex regimen but the sediment has returned. This mirrors my experience with broad-spectrum antibiotics and their effect on my sediment production since my bladder first started producing sediment 5 to 6 years ago (before that, I spent the first four or five years as the Foley user knows sediment issues, and thus could change Foleys every six weeks without any problem.)

I'd like to find out which bacteria is the cause, so perhaps we can keep it knocked down.