I've had my sp for 27 years. I'm using a Duette catheter. It works great! A couple weeks ago I was having leaking around my sp stoma. We changed the catheter and it had a blockage of something hard. After the catheter change everything was good for about a week. Then it started leaking again. We changed it and there was no blockage. A couple days later it started leaking. Urologist ordered an xray. Everything was ok. No stones. I started getting sweaty clamy a few days later and went to urgent care. They did a dipstick test and of course I had a UTI. They took a sample for a culture test and put me on Bactrim for five days. No leaking our sweating for those five days. I forgot to mention there was a problem with my sample. So it wasn't tested. Two days after I finished the Bactrim I started leaking again. So I took Cipro for five days. No leaking for those five days. Today two days after finishing the Cipro I started leaking. Any suggestions?