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Thread: Anything new bladder and bowel?

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    Anything new bladder and bowel?

    11 year yesterday since my spinal cord stroke. Just checking in to see if there is anything new for b&b?. I?m currently doing Botox every 6 months, which helps, but still hopeing for something better!

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    So do you use the botox to prevent leakage? Please add some more information for me to provide an answer.
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    I'm a walking quad and void on my own, but my bladder is very spastic, and walking and running trigger it. The botox helps it from triggering as much. But my bowl and bladder prevent me from running outside. Once they trigger, I cannot hold them for longer than a few minutes. Botox helps the bladder a lot. I follow a bowl routine, so it doesn't trigger at inconvenient times, but I still have a lot of issues. I'm still hoping for a real cure.

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