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Thread: Kunming Tongren Hospital treatment (SVF + surgical decompression)

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    Kunming Tongren Hospital treatment (SVF + surgical decompression)

    This hospital came to my attention as was collaborated with Wise Young's umbilical cord mononuclear cord blood treatment here , as well as with Neurogel's activated fat & EPO treatment

    After some failed emails I managed to phone and get in contact with an English speaking contact to find what cervical incomplete SCI treatment they have & it's pricing. Here's some quoted replies to my queries as of March-2018. They don't do Wise Young's procedure. This info may perhaps save some others some time researching?

    Umbilical cord stem cells was a clinical trial, and the trial's already finished. And umbilical cord stem cells was from America, right now, China is really strict to the cell out of country, so we can't get the cell now.

    SVF protocol:

    IV & injections every month, 5 times in total.

    Injection site: subarachnoid cavity via lumbar puncture, knee injections, acupoint.

    Liposuction+SVF preparation+lab proliferations &storage+ injections: 110,000 RMB (Chinese currency )

    Tests: around 5000 RMB.

    Basic Rehab + hospital room staying: 25,000 RMB each month.


    1. About basic rehab, ONLY includes Kunming walking program, acupuncture, low/medium frequency therapy, motomed using, PT, OT. DO NOT include the new equipments therapies, which we will purchase lately, for example redcord , suspension system, core muscle training equipment ect. If you wanna do those therapy, you need pay extra. All of the equipments mentioned haven?t arrived yet, and we don?t have a price list for those therapies yet.

    2. About room, NOT private room, do 2. For the ward, not include meals, no towels, toilet paper supplies. If you chooses to rent an apartment outside of the hospital, rehab fee only, charge for basic rehab would be 21,000rmb per month. If you want to rent an apartment outside of the hospital, then the basic rehab will be 21,000rmb/month.

    We don't do umbilical cord blood stem cells now, but we have Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF). This fraction is known to contain adult adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs), endothelial cells, monocytes, macrophage, T-regulatory cells and growth factors . ADSCs are known to be of a similar morphology to adult mesenchymal stemcells (MSCs).

    But our protocol is internal surgical decompression plus SVF, with SVF alone, we're not sure it's gonna work for you or not.

    For spasticity, rehab can reduce some tension, but it's also depends on individuals.
    Drs looked your MRI images, they think you do have a softening lesion on the injured area, but surgery is not necessary. They're afraid that the surgery could affect your breathing cause C3 is relatively high. They suggest rehab exercise is more important for you right now. You can choose to do intensive rehab at local rehab center, or you're welcomed to come to our center to join the walking program.

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