Many moons ago, in a pre-sci life (and to some degree, for a period after), I had a good handle on nutrition for general health, performance, "looks", and weight control. Obviously post-sci, things get a bit more complicated with all the changes in so many body systems. One day, I blinked and that handle I had became non-existent. I've been slowly trying to get myself back to being in control. Previously, I had good success with 5 meals/day of closely monitored ratio of 50/30/20 for carbs/protein/fat. Adding in lots of water and frequent cardio made things all the better. In trying to educate myself on new things that have been discovered since then as well as understanding how SCI affects that approach's effectiveness, I find myself drowning in a sea of information.

My inclination at the moment is to try to go back to what once worked well. Has anyone ever or do you now subscribe to the whole concept of monitoring the ratios? If so, what ratios do you use? Have you tried any other methods that are more recent and gone back? Did you stop doing that for some particular reason? I'm just having trouble deciding which direction to go and would love to hear some first hand accounts of anyone who has made a similar decision, successful, unsuccessful or middle of the road.

Any input/insight would be greatly appreciated.