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Thread: To fellow catheter cloggers

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    To fellow catheter cloggers

    This morning gifted me with a delightful little epiphany.I thought I would share. I have a real problem with my suprapubic catheter perpetually clogging. I?ve learned that if I drink really constantly and voluminously I can forestall that. But this morning when I stopped draining just changing the bag worked ? ? the blockage was in the little connector piece (I assume) and not in the catheter at all. Since I don?t have the hands to change my catheter myself, not needing it changed saves me a world of aggravation.

    Other alternatives I previously learned: sometimes the bag is just too high, or too full, so that even if it looks like gravity should be on my side and there is room, the pressures are somehow funny and I don?t drain.

    If this is old news to people, please feel free to clue me in two more tricks.

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    I have been injured for 15 years, but I have only been a perpetual catheter clogger for the last 1.5 years. My issue is definitely with the sandy sediment clogging up the portion of the catheter inside the body, close to the balloon. I've tried everything from vitamin C, probiotics, essential oils, lemon, cutting protein, checking for prescription brand changes, irrigating, but alas, I'm still looking for my solution.

    It's nice to hear that you found a good fix! I'm finding that every clogger has a slightly different route issue.

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    Great problem solving on your part
    after changing the bag, if sediment still present flushing the catheter would be the next step
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