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Thread: zanaflex

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    i have read some of past history seems everyone divided,

    thinking about it to get some relief not taking anything bacofen is NOT an option


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    works for me. 4mg / 5 times per day.

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    My husband has been on Baclofen for YEARS. Takes 3 10 mg tabs at lunch and dinner and two at bedtime.

    Eventually we asked if there was more we could do cause he's so tight all the time.

    He takes the Zanaflex 4 times a day and it works GREAT! This is in addition to the Baclofen.
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    Too sedating for me. I take it only before bed.

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    Actually, I take the fifth dose around 2-3am when I wait up to go pee.

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    Definitely Tizanidine as the other option and can also try higher dose at night.

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    Recently my treating physician wanted me to switch from Baclofen (Max 80 MG per day) to Tizanidine. I did not like the price of Tizanidine compared to the Baclofen. But, I am going to try it for a week to see if rotating it works better. From my personal experience Baclofen worked better for me.
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    I'm taking both Baclofen and Zanaflex.

    My neuro wasn't happy at the prospect of increasing the Baclofen dose (up to 120mg daily) so he asked me to reduce that and give Zanaflex a try, I'm now on 60mg > 2x30mg doses of Baclofen and 16mg of Zanaflex > 2x8mg doses. The idea was to get up to 20mg of Zanaflex but that high a dose gave me a wickedly upset stomach overnight, which may have settled down in time, but was so bad I gave up. I can't in all honesty say I've noticed any improvement in muscle tone or spasms on this combination of meds.


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    Zanaflex = Zombie...

    Was konked out half the time when on that Zanaflex. Hated the 24/7 drowsy feeling.

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    I was not able to function on Zanaflex. I took it before I got my baclofen pump, and it worked wonders on my spasticity, but I seriously would pass out for like five hours after taking it. One time I was in the car with my boyfriend after taking Zanaflex. I started feeling drowsy, and by the time he got out of the car and walked around to my side to open the door I was in such a deep sleep that he could not wake me up easily. I also took it recently when I was having extreme spasticity from my IUD, and it was as horrible as ever. I'd say try it and see how you tolerate it. Start really low and go up gradually.
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