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Thread: Looking for wheelchair accessible motorcycle for C 5-6 quadriplegic

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    I’ve had several since 1987. There were 2 Tomco companies the first was in Kansas and he sold it to some guys from Pennsylvania. I had them with the steering wheel conversion s. It is a Chevy manual steering gear box welded to the top of the sidecar frame. The steering wheel is directly mounted to the gearbox by the coupler joint and the tierod is connected to the pitman arm. The Hondamatics come in750,450, and 400. If you use a power chair the 750 is best. There are bikes that pop up occasionally. They are older bikes and can be found for $1500-$3500 plus you would have to convert to your specific needs.

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    Sidecar for sale

    I have a Honda Goldwing with sidecar for a paraplegic to ride for sale. Contact me for info.
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