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Thread: Tablet battery life

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    Tablet battery life

    About 3 years ago I bought a bottom of line 7" Lenovo tablet. I use it for a lot of things but primarily as an e-book reader. When I first got it, it would operate 6-7 hours between charges. Now it is down to 4-5 hours. It seems like I am always connecting it to the charger. Am I expecting too much, or are there tablets out there that have a decent battery?
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    I have a Kindle Fire which I use when traveling, as it has internet access in addition to being able to download films and e-books. I get about 8 hours of use on a battery charge from it. I also have an original Kindle, which I use for reading both while traveling and at home, and it has a much longer battery life...even though I read a lot daily, I rarely need to recharge this more often than every 2-3 weeks. If you are using yours mostly for reading, you might want to get a plain Kindle. They are pretty cheap refurbished, or even new.

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    I hate to say it but nothing lasts longer than an e-ink e-reader liked a Kindle and if you need color and apps then Apple's iPads last longer than any of my android tablets.
    Also, batteries age and lose capacity over time. You can look on iFixit for how to replace them yourself or pay a repair place. If your current tablet suits you then that's definitely the cheapest solution.
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