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Thread: Finally, a good bowel routine........ however

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    Finally, a good bowel routine........ however

    After years in a wheelchair, I have now developed a pretty reliable bowel routine which sees me completely emptying my bowels by myself without the need for any assistance. Basically, my carer puts the suppositories in as soon as she gets to my house in the morning. She then makes me my breakfast and I have that in bed. Then I get up into the shower chair and have a shower and then clean my teeth. By this time, the suppositories are almost ready to work. I don't normally have to sit much more than 10 or 15 minutes before they start working and I basically use the toilet like anybody else. Whereas before when I would have the bowels done on the bed and the routine could take up to one and a half hours depending on how slow I was, my new routine means I can now have a shower clean my teeth and complete my bowel routine within one hour. I can now be up in my chair completely dressed and ready for the day a lot quicker than I ever used to be able to do it.

    However, the only problem I still have is having very loose stools. Not quite diarrhoea but certainly not solid. Start off with it being fairly well formed but I would say 100% of the time it ends up being very very loose indeed. I'm just really pleased that gravity is now helping and even though everything is quite loose my body is expelling the most by itself. Any ideas how I could help firm things up?

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    As long as you drink plenty of water, yogurt or a good probiotic, combined with citrucel powder (not pills) should help. The citrucel soaks up water in the colon to form more solid stools.
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    Agree with adding some fiber - Metamucil/Citrucel. You can have it as tablets you swallow, or powder dissolved in liquid. Make sure you separate it from other medicines you take by about 2 hours or it can interfere with their absorption. Also agree with a probiotic.

    Those were the suggestions my Dad got from his gastroenterologist when his stools were too loose and they helped a lot.

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    Psyllium may not be the best remedy. Are you taking regular stool softeners or laxatives at all? Other meds that might cause loose stools?

    If you want to firm up your stool more, I recommend using Fibercon (calcium polycarbophyl) rather than psyllium. It works differently. You can take from 1-6 tablets daily, with a full glass of water.

    Glad to hear that getting up for your bowel care has shortened the process. Rule of thumb is that this usually reduces by 1/2 the time required compared to doing bowel care in bed. Gravity helps!

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