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Thread: Windows 10 update

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    Windows 10 update

    I have been having problems the most recent big Windows 10 update. Windows gives me the message that it needs to update, that the download is 5 GB, and that I can continue using the computer while it is downloading and being installed. So, it downloads, and installs according to the status screen, at which point Windows needs to restart. So, I close whatever I'm working on, and let Windows restart, which it does. However, when it restarts, it does not boot to the updated version-it reboots again to my current version, so obviously something didn't go right. I don't know why, because there is nothing listed on the Windows update history. Does anyone have a clue what I can check?

    Thank you.

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    No idea how to help but I can tell you that I read complaints about it daily and have personally lost half my volume on my laptop due to the forced update. There is no fix for my sound issue.

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    My 10 machine which I only use on occasion, has been complaining about updating, but I had been putting it off until yesterday. Thank goodness I had an alternative machine to use. It took about six hours.
    I would not use the computer while it is doing this or any installation that you know about.

    There were several of those progress bars where it would show percentage complete, but then it would just do another. Eventually it tried to reboot and asked me to press an icon. No good. I got an error code which I copied down and then promptly ignored. I just shut the machine off the with master button, waited a few and turned it back on. It got going doing more of the same percentage stuff. Much to my surprise later in the evening I saw all was fine. It had finished.
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