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Thread: Time for a new vehicle. Recommendations?

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    look at the zx-1 great for us when needed rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    look at the zx-1 great for us when needed

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    [QUOTE=pattherat;1852555]Not really available but you asked for creative ideas...

    I L O V E that Jeep!

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    Recently looked at the Honda and Toyota. Both really nice but completely out of our price range, as well as all newer vans. How you guys paying for these things!?

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    "dkleinsmith", I have a Chrysler Pacifica, 2017 with Braun conversion. Because I work PA VR (OVR) paid for the conversion cost. I had to pay for the base vehicle.

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    Can you squeeze into this?
    It is different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nonoise View Post
    Can you squeeze into this?
    It is different.
    For posterity:
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    I would buy an MV1 if I could afford it. Drive from the driver's seat .. might need a modification to turn the seat as there is a hump where the drivetrain goes. The ramp is twice as long making it not as steep.
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