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Thread: getting old

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    Thank you, I will request that!

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    Hi All
    61 yrs and 33 yrs post T-8 para Here is a shocker My SCI doc said some one of my age should only do 2 to 4 transfers a day. Although I was surprised it made a lot of sense began quest for Power chair and lift vehicle the next day. Gotta work smarter instead of harder!
    The old saying quality not quantity holds here. You can do transfers all day long if they are well controlled. By that I mean several short movements with a transfer board vs one long leap without one. In some cases, the bigger stress on my shoulder is setting up the transfer. For example, when I'm getting out of the car, sliding on the transfer board is easy. Getting myself out of the bucket part of the car seat and onto the edge of the car seat is where I stress my shoulders. Now that I am thinking about it, a strap or handle attached to the car door would be helpful for that.

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    Nearly 71yo, 23 years t12 para, I'm slowing down, and everything hurts sometimes.
    Seems lately a shoulder gives up and takes a month or so to stop hurting.
    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
    NW NJ

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    I'm 51 in a few weeks, a C 5/6 complete and have been in a chair 32 years. After hearing some of these stories I feel very fortunate in that I'm in no pain, take no medication apart from vit C and cranberry concentrate. I use a hand bike virtually every day doing 5 miles and then in the evenings use a 5kg weight for 10 sets of 20. I'm feeling fitter and stronger than when I was in my mid 20s.

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