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Thread: Looking for a Remote Control That a Quadriplegic Can Use in Bed

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    Question Looking for a Remote Control That a Quadriplegic Can Use in Bed

    I have a CD4/5 quadriplegic and when in bed I currently use a Tash Relax II for my remote control. It's a universal learning remote that I can store 50 codes into. I use a buddy button that I press with my head or cheek to operate it. I have been using this for many years and it works great, I love this remote! The only problem is, it has also been discontinued for many years and is no longer learning codes for the newer electronics. I updated my DirecTV and to my surprise it would not learn the code for the new Genie HR54 receiver I also purchased a 4K Sony TV which it would not learn the codes to. Fortunately my Amazon echo will operate the TV, but DirecTV has not gotten a skill for the echo to operate their DVR's yet.

    So I'm now looking for a newer remote that I can use from bed and am looking for advice from anyone on the forum to help me out. I've seen several voice operated remotes out there, but the ratings are anywhere from great to terrible. One thing I question with a voice operated remote and/or Alexa/echo operated remote is when you're fast forwarding through commercials being able to stop fast forwarding when the commercials are over with outgoing way into the program is one watching.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    If you don't get much input here, You might want to try the wheelchairdriver message board, a lot of helpful talent there when it comes to this type of control system.

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    The echo is a good choice, I hear that it integrates well with Logitech Hub for IR remote use.

    Alexa controls a hospital bed.

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    I switched from DirecTV to Dish Network just so I could use Alexa. I'm so glad I did.

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