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Thread: Heal Wounds Faster with Nanofibers?

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    Heal Wounds Faster with Nanofibers?

    Nanofibers Dramatically Improve Wound Healing And Tissue Regeneration

    By Julianna LeMieux ? March 20, 2018

    Electron Micrographs of the structure of native dermal ECM
    The discovery that wounds in the fetus can heal without scarring has prompted scientists to work on designing new biomaterials based on the properties of the fetal skin as promising regenerative strategies.

    One key component of this property of fetal skin is thought to be the extracellular matrix (ECM) protein fibronectin. It is found in a particular form in the fetal skin called the fibrillar conformation.

    A multi-institutional research group of engineers, chemists and biologists have now found a way to create a material similar to fibrillar fibronectin. And, when tested, it is highly effective in wound healing.

    The researchers used rotary jet spinning (RJS) - a method that creates nanofibers. Using RJS, they could drive fibronectin fibrillogenesis (the development of the critical fine fibrils that make up the fibrillar form.) The fibronectin nanofiber scaffolds were then tested in a wound healing assay in mice.

    When tested in a wound mouse model, the application of fibronectin nanofiber dressings to wounds did two things; 1) they accelerated wound closure and 2) significantly improved tissue restoration. They not only helped the recovery of dermal and epidermal tissues but also helped recover adipose (fat) tissue....
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    So, where does this leaVe us?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim C. View Post
    So, where does this leaVe us?
    A long ways from human application. Most wound research is done on pigs and dogs as their skin is more similar to humans than rats. Once studies are done extensively in animals, then human trials would need to be done, and specifically on pressure ulcers (not just diabetic ulcers or other types of wounds). This technology is unfortunately years away from application to wounds such as pressure ulcers.

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