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Thread: Frontier V6 All-terrain chair

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    Frontier V6 All-terrain chair

    I?ve long been considering purchasing an ?all-terrain? power chair as a secondary, purely recreational chair (my primary chair is a Permobil F3), to use at the beach, etc. Originally I had looked into the X8, but I was turned off my the cost, size, limited maneuverability, and the fact that basic features were expensive upgrades (being able to reverse in a straight line!). More recently I?ve been researching the Frontier X5 (now X6), which had been available in a MWD all-terrain version. I see now it is available in a FWD version. Being familiar with FWD already, I think for starters that model would be preferable. But would a FWD all terrain chair not be preferable in sand and the majority of off-road terrain, because of the lack of front casters?

    Also, for those that may have ordered these chairs online, is the ordering process pretty straight forward (seat depth/width)?
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