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Thread: leg bag sleeve vs leg bag straps?

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    Yeah I had never seen them before till last week online. If they only fit smaller bags maybe that is why most people don't use them. What size of leg bag do use with it gjnl?

    I think it would be handy because my assistants are always fastening the leg bag straps at different tensions either too tight or too loose.


    I use it with a Urocare 32 ounce disposable vinyl bag. It fits in the bag like this. I wear it below the knee as in the first of the two pictures above.
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    I've used a mesh sleeve for 4 years, my support workers find them easy to use and stay in position, skinny legs and straps don't seem to work as well for me. Always take care not to have my compression socks/socks and mesh not starting at same place on my leg to avoid pressure. Sit on my calves so easy to empty the bag when needed.

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