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Most of the comments related to poor subway access and unreliability of wheelchair taxis reinforced by the first few comments on the app link. You have to know which stations are usable. No different in London, transport for London just did a $8m refurb of one tube station and you still need a ramp to get on/off a train. Welcome to 2018 and disability access laws going back decades! I think that if we decide to do it we need to plan each day very carefully, probably not use my power chair and hotel with good access to subway, bus network.
I think taken out of context people complaining is minimal...when I read post like yours of people wanting to travel on an exciting adventure but then talk fear comments by saying I am not going to fly or use my power chair makes me disappointed.

We have a world to visit and explore and when we revert back to using a manual chair we go backwards in losing some form of independence by having to have someone push us etc. There is absolutely nothing a manual chair can provide that a power chair cant...do things happen of course but that's life.

Also in this post like the post of someone going to Seattle traveling each month I cant say enough dont over plan, overthink and over schedule...

Leave part of your trip just unscheduled and just enjoy the adventure and journey.