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Thread: sci on american idol

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    Personally, I would have been far more impressed if he had come out and sung with no explanation of the crutches. However, I don't think he would have made it that far without the tear-jerking explanation. Frankly, I think his 15 minutes are over. Still, I wish him lots of luck, but now he needs to write his own songs. Stevie Wonder owns that one.

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    The problem I have with these stories is: sure, they seem soooo inspirational to the average AB, but in the world of SCI, you are damn lucky if you can get acutely injured, rehab, and then carry on with your life with minimal complications and chase your dreams.

    Boy, it sure would be nice to not have to 100% of the time have a pressure sore of some sort, amputate more and more of your body due to osteo, feel crummy for reasons unknown, have uncontrollable pain, etc, etc. After awhile the complications wear you down, and it gets harder to smile and "power through."

    The wheelchair is not an issue, it's EVERYTHING else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
    This is emblematic of one of the biggest problems we face: being pitied and infantilized for just doing what normal people do: Falling in love. Having a talent. Sharing that talent. Sorry, but not "inspiring" at all. He's just a guy, with a voice and a girlfriend, but his "mild" SCI makes this "inspirational?!. Nope.
    So f'ing true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize View Post
    So f'ing true.
    What they said ^ ^ ^ ^

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    Quote Originally Posted by paraparajumper View Post
    The wheelchair is not an issue, it's EVERYTHING else.
    This is what so few people realize. Sure, occasionally life is slightly more difficult because I can't do stairs. But quad life has a lot more challenges than the inability to walk.

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    Here we go again:

    Hope he's enjoying his 15 minutes of inspiration-porn-fame.

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