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Thread: Seattle

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    Quote Originally Posted by NW-Will View Post
    Agree with Rook.. do 2 trips.. one in the city and one out in the nature... doing all that in 7 days is making me feel exhausted. There is more than enough to do in and around downtown seattle.
    Ride the car ferry over to Bainbridge just before dusk, it's about an hour there and back, you stay out on the deck and get some awesome views as the sun goes down and the city lights up for cheap.. go on as a foot passenger you can roll there from your hotel.
    Get on early, rock to the cafeteria , get a bowl of Ivers Clam chowder and just kick back on the deck, and take it all in.
    Ditto on the ferry timing, except take the Bremerton Ferry from downtown. It snakes around Brainbridge Island for some awesome views. You can see the route as marked 304 in this url. Brainbridge is 305.!2i813!4f13.1
    You will want to be on the docking end to watch loading and unloading at Bremerton just for fun.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    I?m back...since Olympic National Park and the coast seem like a stretch, is Mt. Ranier worth a day trip?

    I?m also interested in the Boeing factory tour. From what I read they offer accessible tours with advanced notice and at certain times. Reviews?

    As of now, I think the Link from SeaTac to our hotel (Kimpton Alexis) is a good option, however I?m concerned if that would be a good option for the return (our flight would leave at 7:55 am). The Link begins running at 5 am.

    For clarification, is there Uber Wav in Seattle (enough to be usable?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by landrover View Post
    I'm also interested in the Boeing factory tour. From what I read they offer accessible tours with advanced notice and at certain times. Reviews?
    I can't speak to the accessible side of the tour. But recently had a friend visit us who recently took the Boeing tour. She said it is a great tour.

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    So I've started looking into "things to do". Excluding travel days, I'll be there from Sunday through Friday (6 full days).

    So far this is what I've gotten, so input is appreciated. Not a big museum guy, unfortunately.

    Bainbridge Ferry (around sunset)
    Boeing Factory Tour
    Pike Place Market
    Chihuly Garden
    Kerry Park (for photos)
    1st Starbucks
    Curious to visit an Amazon Go store
    Ferris Wheel
    Gasworks Park
    Pioneer Sq
    Alki Beach

    Is Snoqualmie Falls worth a visit?

    Day trip to Mt. Ranier?

    So this doesn't seem to be 6 days worth of activities, so suggestions welcome. Also, restaurant ideas. Right now, The Pink Door is an interest, looking for a great seafood restaurant too.
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    #Brainbridge Ferry. **Bremerton** is more scenic, check that map I posted the url for. Bremerton is about 15 minutes longer each way, and those 15 minutes are worth it.

    #Boeing? I don't know anyone who has ever taken a tour. They either work In Everett, here or in Renton already, or got laid off once or twice, or have no interest as it's in the news all the time. Just Saturday Boeing tested their new 737 Max 7 out of Boeing field in Seattle.

    #Pike Place Market of course, but I have not tried visiting there from a wheelchair. However I think you should be fine since you are staying downtown and not needing to deal with parking.

    #Chihuly Garden If you mean at the Seattle Center, OMG yes. And yes I have been there in my wheelchair. Also the Museum of Glass in Tacoma has more Chihuly, and the main attraction is that the artists are busy creating complicated glass artworks. I watched them make a couple of animals out of blobs of glass.

    #Kerry Park (for photos) Kerry Park is on Queen Anne Hill just north of downtown. I have never been to that exact location, but like many places in Seattle views are more than worthwhile.

    #1st Starbucks Sure it is easy, and there is a high end Starbucks they are experimenting with, I think in Ballard.

    #Curious to visit an Amazon Go store. Me too, but to watch and maybe talk to customers. Also you might want to check out the Amazon Spheres. I don't think they will let the public in, but what the hey:

    #Ferris Wheel This is strange. I now understand because of your planned trip it is accessible. But when my AB son went to ride it, they told him it was not wheelchair accessible as there is a giant stairway to the platform. He told them if my dad can't ride it f it I won't either and left. So I can't tell you how much fun it might be. I suspect the elevator was not operational yet.

    #Gasworks Park This is a grassy park on the north shore of Lake Union. It is called Gasworks Park because it used to be where they turned coal to gas, like natural gas. In the late 50's I remember my mother saying natural gas was coming to Seattle, which would mean that nasty polluting plant would be shut down. But the city did not have the sense to tear the thing down and melt the steel towers. Instead they decided to call it a "park", converting the staging area for public use and fencing off the plant. It's a great area for picnic lunches, flying kites, and especially 4th of July fireworks on the lake.

    #Pioneer Sq Well ya, explore, daytime. This is the original skid row. It means they skidded the logs down the street (in a row I guess) to the mill.

    #Alki Beach, There is a foot ferry that goes from downtown to the east shore of West Seattle. Powerchairing around Alki point with the rest of the folks on the boardwalks would be just fine. There is a gigantic if... I thought the foot ferry was not wheelchair friendly. I may not be, You need to check further. You won't get on the beach with a wheelchair but the concrete or asphalt boardwalk has plenty of room as the city has recognized this as a resource. Festivals, runs, etc often happen at the beach and that is probably why you know about it. By mid Sept you should be able to enjoy it better and get to talk meet some locals. Speaking of crowds Aug 11 Subpop is having their 30 b'day party. They are hosting four stages and based on their 25th, they are expecting 30,000 to attend.

    #Is Snoqualmie Falls worth a visit? I like it, but again have not been there since I started wheeling and I do remember some up and down stuff. So the best vantage points may not be at all accessible. If you are talking about the Falls restaurant, it is really close to the falls. Check out photos first, it is not Niagara but still very impressive due to proximity.

    #Day trip to Mt. Ranier? Absolutely, I think I tried to talk you into this last year as it is my number one favorite. You can drive all the way around it and come back in time for dinner easy. My boss felt like playing hookey one day so we circled it during work hours. Supposedly to check out a job. I don't go up on the mountain. My preference is to head up Chinook pass to the summit and return. Chinook goes over the Cascades to eastern Washington, but on the ride up which is steep, twisty and turny, you get fantastic views of Rainier. Rainier is across the valley, so it is like you see the whole mountain, all 14,000 feet of it. Remember our mountains start near sea level so they are big. Stop at any pullout. You may not need to get out.

    You left out the Deadlist Catch fisherman?s terminal I talked about.

    And the Ballard Locks could be on you list. I linked it too, Chittenden (sp). It is a miniature Panama Canal. I enjoy watching the ships and small boats traveling from the higher fresh water Lake Washington to the lower salt water Puget Sound and return. There is also a fish ladder which has been rebuilt, but it was under construction a couple of years ago, so I don't know if it is accessible, but the seals will probably be snatching salmon just out side the damn. The whole thing is in a arboretum style park yet close to parking and easily wheelable.

    The Palace is a great downtown restaurant. Google "Tom Douglas" and restaurants together to see his others. Ivars *outside* fish bar fish and chips with white chowder is my favorite, but this is Seattle, you should not have trouble finding great seafood whatever that means to you.
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    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    My the risk of too much information and the disclaimer you can't sue me if your experience does
    not mirror mine or if something is under construction or a semi overturns or canadian wildfires blow smoke in
    your eyes like last year. It's been years since I've done some of these things

    Bainbridge Ferry...give yourself a hour or two to take the Waterfront Trail, Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park,
    up the hill and take Winslow St. back to the ferry dock. Coming into Seattle after dark is very cool. (credit Will)

    Bremerton ferry ride is good also. I find the town is a little gritty, it's active military. If you like old
    navy ships this is the place! Not sure what you do there without a vehicle. Staying on the ferry is not
    uncomfortable for me. If you drive a vehicle on you must exit the boat. If you drive on a ferry you may not
    be able to exit your vehicle for the trip. Reservations are advised for vehicles! The vehicle lines can be
    painfully long which is why "walking on" gets mentioned.

    Check Argosy cruises leaving Seattle Waterfront or Lake Union. Also Tillicum Village native hula salmon bake thingy...

    Boeing tour...allow 2 hrs travel each direction. Everett is also home port to
    an active carrier. If you get done early you could take the Edmonds
    ferry to Kingston and go thru Pulsbo (cute town), take your pick of ferry rides home, like the Bremerton run.

    Get an early start the Waterfront (Olympic Sculpter park, Myrtle Edwards, and
    Centenial Park) could be done in a half day. I would do this early in your stay and you
    will know if want to deal with it a second time. The hwy 99 Viaduct is being demolished.
    Go thru the Pike St. Market on the way is busiest
    at lunch and starts shutting down mid afternoon. Many of the brick and mortar shops should be
    open later. Take 1st ave (or Western) down to the Kimpton. You will have a companion yes?...they should be in
    good shape and love to walk.

    You can do the Aquarium, Great Wheel, MarketFront (this is a new public space completed
    last year, it appears to have an overpass into the Market) all on short notice from your hotel.
    You can NOT go between the Waterfront and the Market at the Hillclimb. Lenore St (Marriot) has an elevator.
    Thomas street overpass will get you from the Waterfront to Seattle Center.

    Seattle Center (Chihuly Garden, Pop Culture Museum, Pacific Science Center could be done in
    one day (or less) depending how long you stay at each venue. Take the monorail to Westlake if
    you must ride it, then roll the rest of the way home. 5th Ave is the money street if you need an $800 dollar

    Visit an Amazon Go store...why? Preservative loaded vending machine food.
    Gasworks Park...I'd rather do the Locks.

    Pioneer Square (including UPS waterfall park, Columbia Center Observation cafe. Smith Tower...the first
    tall building in Seattle) and or Stadiums. Occidental square and 1st ave. can get rough later in the evening.
    You should be okay for an hour after dusk. In general cites this size are not for the timid, construction is
    rampant, you will encounter outdoor citizens. I believe Yesler Way was the old log skid (long unrecognizable)
    down into Elliot Bay. Circa 1850's.

    Alki Beach...Great view day or night...Saltys is the marque restaurant in this hood but there are several others
    further on around the point. This would be an awesome use of Uber but I do not know more than you about

    Restaurants - there are too many!
    Cutters - fell in love with this place on a bitch cold october day when they were making fresh focaccia bread!
    Canlise long known as the best in town (recommend a coat and tie)
    Elliotts on the waterfront
    Rays Boat House before it burnt down and was rebuilt or The Canal are worth consideration.
    Chinooks at Fishermans terminal (credit nonoise)
    Shiros sushi - super casual

    Mt Rainer...yep.
    Snoqualmie Falls...if you love waterfalls its okay.
    Rerecommend the Locks...September is peak salmon migration
    Washington Park aboretum if you can get there. Cultivated gardens
    Leavenworth...small bavarian village if you love shopping and a drive over the pass.

    How early will you leave the hotel in the morning? It gets dark between 7-8pm that time of year.
    Do you beat feet or like to putter? Break down your activities by day and your mode of travel...we can
    fine tune from there. Including fees and passes. Seattle is not a budget destination. If you want more nature
    and less city there are options to Wynoochee Dam, the afore mentioned Ocean Shores and
    Long Beach. Do you like festivals, concerts or street parties...The Stranger is a seedy little rag but the
    best single source for happenings.
    "Never turn your back on fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed." - Hunter Thompson
    T5/6 complete

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    "Nonoise" and "Rook98006,"

    Excellent and thoughtful responses. Good resources! I'm keeping them filed for our next trip to the Pacific Northwest.

    "Rook..." When we lived in Los Angeles, one of our favorite restaurants was Cutters (sadly no longer there)...I can almost smell the rosemary focaccia..the best, never tasted anything like it before or since!

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    This feedback is much appreciated!! I'll comment more when I have time because they deserve a response, but a quick question for "Rook98006"...are you saying the trip to the Boeing factory tour takes 2 hours by car each way, or that you can take the ferry there (and if so, how would one get from the dock to the tour site?

    Also, are there any accessible trails in Mt. Ranier worth exploring?

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    I second the locks and sculpture park... all very accessible If you have Uber down.. you can roll the length of the sculpture park and pick up an Uber at the end to take you to the locks.

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    So Seattle has uber wav?

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