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Thread: Punta Mita Four Seasons Resort

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    Punta Mita Four Seasons Resort

    Damn this looks nice! I follow a beauty vlogger on youtube and she was showing this place - looks like heaven, and trust me Mexico does NOT call to me.

    Apparently they do have an accessible casita (bungalow???) but on average their rooms are $1200 US per night!!!!

    Hey if you can afford it - go!
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    Four Seasons resorts are all very high priced. The one near me has a restaurant that charges $350/person for a pre-fix "tasting" menu for dinner, so it is not just the price of the room or casita.

    If you are really interested in going to the Puerto Vallarta area (this resort is near there) there are a number of accessible accommodations in condos and hotels. Here is a list from TripAdvisor:

    Also, we have used this company before for wheelchair accessible tours in the PV area, and they have a couple of accessible condos they rent out as well:

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    My aunt and uncle stay at the four seasons when in Punta Vita and they say that there is a ramp to the beach but that it is VERY STEEP. For $1200 a night I would look elsewhere. (They invited me down, but after telling me about the price and the steep ramp, I declined, so no 1st hand experience)
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