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    Pain Management

    I?ve been dealing with a good deal of pain in my gluteus/buttocks, tailbone and hamstring area for a long time. The worst seems to be right below the bone just above the hamstring. I?ve always assumed it?s nerve pain. It?s a harsh stinging/burning sensation. The thing though is that if I get off of the area and relieve pressure it goes away. I would think if it was nerve pain it would bother me regardless. I?ve been working with my doctors to figure this out but we haven?t had much luck. I was taking 2,400 mg of gabapentin a day but it wasn?t really helping. I?ve gone down to 300 mg a day and added 300 mg of lyrica a day. It hasn?t gotten worse and it hasn?t gotten better. I also went to pain management at Johns Hopkins and didn?t get anywhere. I hate sitting in my wheelchair because of this pain. I just can?t get comfortable. I?ve also tried different cushions and a different chair and it?s the same thing. I?ve wondered about sciatica but I can push on the area and it doesn?t hurt.

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    Does your seat depth fully support your leg? I find a lot of OT's get this one wrong.
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    Does your seat depth fully support your leg? I find a lot of OT's get this one wrong.
    Can you elaborate for me? I want to make sure I understand what you mean by fully support.

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