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    Pain Management

    I?ve been dealing with a good deal of pain in my gluteus/buttocks, tailbone and hamstring area for a long time. The worst seems to be right below the bone just above the hamstring. I?ve always assumed it?s nerve pain. It?s a harsh stinging/burning sensation. The thing though is that if I get off of the area and relieve pressure it goes away. I would think if it was nerve pain it would bother me regardless. I?ve been working with my doctors to figure this out but we haven?t had much luck. I was taking 2,400 mg of gabapentin a day but it wasn?t really helping. I?ve gone down to 300 mg a day and added 300 mg of lyrica a day. It hasn?t gotten worse and it hasn?t gotten better. I also went to pain management at Johns Hopkins and didn?t get anywhere. I hate sitting in my wheelchair because of this pain. I just can?t get comfortable. I?ve also tried different cushions and a different chair and it?s the same thing. I?ve wondered about sciatica but I can push on the area and it doesn?t hurt.

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    Does your seat depth fully support your leg? I find a lot of OT's get this one wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Does your seat depth fully support your leg? I find a lot of OT's get this one wrong.
    Can you elaborate for me? I want to make sure I understand what you mean by fully support.

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    I’m having similar issue only thing that helps me are pain meds. But I’m also interested in proper wheelchair figment what are good things to do or look for to be fit correctly, they seem to just throw you in the chsirvyou ordered and that’s thst

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