As a young boy scout I hiked a short portion of the AT in New Jersey. Learning it was 2190 miles long and stretched from Georgia to Maine and that some people walked the whole thing was awe inspiring to me. It was something that never left the back of my mind but education, the military then a job took precedence over day dreams. When I was injured and in deep denial at an acute care hospital I told visitors that as soon as I got back on my feet I would thru hike the AT.

47 years later I am experiencing my dream vicariously via You Tube. It turns out hikers are vlogging their hikes day by day. I am currently following a young woman hiker named Amanda Bess. Just watched her day 16 video. I hope she makes it - she has already had an on trail panic attack and problems with her knees. If she makes Mt Katahdin in Maine it will probably be mid to late October racing the blizzards to the finish. This feat, completing a thru hike, is way more awe inspiring than I ever imagined. Some of the trail would scare a mountain goat. The single worst mile is in Maine, a place called Mahussuc Notch, an incredible jumble of boulders that are fearsome. Suggest you check out some of these videos if interested - just go to You Tube search Amanda Bess, Appalachian Trail, Mahussuc Notch, etc. My apologies that I lack the computer skills to import the videos here. Once you do one search you will have numerous hikers you can follow from this and previous years.