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Thread: Botox bladder and ditropan

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    Sorry, I should have put in the first paragraph of my last post... I don't put the catheter through the catheter tube. My concerns are the same as you mention contamination. I remove condom cath completely to cath. Also, I don't use adhesive condom cath.

    You wrote:
    "The issue I see with cathing through a condom catheter is threading the catheter through the condom catheter tube without touching any surfaces of the condom catheter with the intermittent catheter before you get to the opening in the penis...lots of chances to contaminate the tip of the catheter before it enters the urethra."

    Quote Originally Posted by ChesBay View Post
    Using this method I don't cath through the condom cath. I keep a couple 32 oz. bags circulating and always clean out leg bag at cathing. Also clean off meatus with a little Ivory and then alcohol to get rid of any lubricant and trying for maximum sanitary.

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    There is side effects from Botox. It sure was for me.

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