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Thread: Advice on fully electric, fully adjustable queen bed?

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    Advice on fully electric, fully adjustable queen bed?

    Believe it or not, Chad and I have been squeezing into his twin bed for a year now. And it's time to upgrade to a queen size bed. They are pricey, but I have seen prices ranging from $1400 to $6000 for a fully electric, fully adjustable (meaning height, foot, head adjusts) bed. We would prefer a bed that does trendelberg positioning but it's not an absolute must as his current bed doesn't do that and we live without it now.

    Any recommendations on particular beds/models, vendors, etc? It's so confusing!!!!

    Thanks, Ami & Chad

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    My folks have a dual King Electropedic bed that they like. It does not have high-low or Trendelenberg though...just head of bed and leg elevation. The nice thing about it is it is really two separate twins. One side swings away from the other, which makes bed making easy. In the AM when my mother's PCA comes to get her up this allows her to get close on both sides without having to get up on the bed. It also has space underneath for a floor model lift if needed (important if their ceiling track lift were on the fritz as could still use the travel lift). It is difficult to find a dual Queen adjustable bed, and the two sides end up very narrow.


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    We just stopped at a little store that had this bed type:

    Again it is just an adjustable bed but we liked it's "wall hugging" motion. It curls back a little as you raise your head. This way you aren't so far in front of your side tables when raised. Also has the swing-away hinges for ease.

    After a little researching, turns out this is the same foundation that the SelectComfort stores use under their mattresses.

    Also, even though it is not listed on their website, we saw a dual queen on the showroom floor.

    Question: Will insurance cover "my half" of a dual king adjustable/selectcomfort type bed if doc writes order?


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    I found these when I was researching for beds for my dad & mom

    I have not used these beds, so I dont know what the quality will be like... you may want to ask around on that

    good luck

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    many years old thread resurrected...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broknwing
    many years old thread resurrected...
    Still good information about adjustable/automatic beds, though.

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    i have one of these. perfect!

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    transfermaster-full size high lows, perhaps bigger

    very strong, quality machining, made in the usa

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