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Thread: Anyone get the new Merlin Proximity Sensor?

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    Anyone get the new Merlin Proximity Sensor?

    I was just wondering if anyone had gotten one and what their oppinion of it was! I always have a hard time of getting Brad's cushions just right, it always seems like I get the cushion too full or I let too much air out.

    It always seems that we get his pressure sores and cracks all healed up just to crack open again because of the cushion having too much or too little.

    I had seen the Merlin Proximity in the Express Medical Supply, Inc. and was just wondering if anyone had any comments, I just feel this would be a great investment depending on how well it worked and wanted to get some feed back from anyone who has used this product or seen any reviews on it.

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    The release of the Merlin in the US has been delayed because Roho decided they needed to do more testing to ensure it will work as promised. They will be conducting a field trial and I believe I will be one of the participants in the trial. It does sound promising and affordable.

    If you haven't already read it, here is a previous thread I posted about it a few months back...

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    Thank-you for your input, it would be a really good investment if it works well. I really would like a device that tells you whether there is enough air in the cusion or not from the start, just like a tire guage. It just seems like I can't get it right from the begining, I just don't understand the directions I guess, but I'll keep trying. I do occationally get it right!

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