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Thread: Possible open heart surgery

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    Possible open heart surgery

    Well, my doctor says I have an aneurysm on my oarta vein and that I may need open-heart surgery. Has anybody got any experience or know of anybody who has dealt with something like this ? The doctor says it is up to me whether or not I want to take the risk of the surgery or waiting out the aneurysm which means it could potentialy explode causing a heart attack! A lot of concern about how well I Will recover. If anyone can give me any input whatsoever it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Bob

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    Handibob, Imagine a long, thin balloon. Now, imagine a spot on that balloon that is thin and that is nearly colorless and, that you can see through. That is pretty much what you are dealing with. As you might guess, this is something that you don't want to dismiss. Just as you would not want to blow any more air into the balloon, you would not want to stress the aneurism by over working yourself. Not likely that it will heal itself. If you are in good health and, the location of the aneurism is operable, I would suggest you consider it. Best wishes.
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    Thumbs up Possible open heart surgery

    Dear Bob:
    I am not an expert but I can tell that you mean a lot to so many people. It is important to do everything you can to keep doing the good work you do. I am all for your decision. You are loved by so many and they need you around. Your Friend who went to China, Bridget
    As always, my best wishes for everyone.


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