So, I had a KI mobility Rogue on order. After a few mishaps (their order mistakes, wrong front frame angle) and the dme not confirming with me and ordering the chair on their terms without my approval or signature and they not wanting to own up to their mistakes my PT and OT decided to block the order and we are going with another supplier (dme).

So I have another chance of either going with another KI mobility rogue or a tilite chair or anything in between.

I was looking to stay in the same price range that the Rogue was being ordered at since that is what my private insurance approved for.

for upgrades, I had, Natural fit hand rims, Invacare Matrx back cushion, anti tippers, calf strap, anti roll backs, pneumatic tires with airless inserts, crutch holder, adjustable angle foot plate, swing away arm rests, solid seat base.

Grand total was around $6500

What should I go with any suggestions?

I was looking into the ZR and TR series chairs

If I go with tilite chair I was mostly looking into go with a mono tube frame unless I get persuaded otherwise.

Any input on rigid chairs is greatly appreciated !

Thanks in advance.