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Thread: Thyroid and Wound Healing

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    Thyroid and Wound Healing

    How important is the function of thyroid in wound healing? I find myself in trouble with wounds again. Also, it's apparent my hormones are out of whack by the acne on my chin and how much I'm sleeping lately.

    In my infinite search for the root cause of poor healing, I think it's time I saw an endocrinologist.

    ETA: I was never able to settle my thyroid. It's always out. Even now after I stopped working four years ago. Many mention Armour as feeling better and functioning better but my doc is totally against it. Maybe I'd have better luck with a Homeopathic Doctor? I do have coverage for so many visits per year through my employer.
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    Thyroid function affects every metabolic process in the body, so yes, it has an impact on wound healing. Most doctors steer clear of Armour because it's difficult to standardize the amount of glandular matter in each batch and studies have not borne out its effectiveness. For people with hypothyroidism who aren't well regulated on Synthroid, other thyroid factors can be added via meds like Cytomel and Thyrolar.

    I think you need to be worked up by an experienced endocrinologist who will work with you to find your optimal thyroid hormone levels - and who will monitor you on a regular basis, because needs can change. I wouldn't trust this delicate balance to homeopathy.
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    You should take the thyroid , best by itself, first thing in the morning. I prefer Levothyroxine. You start low dose and drawl levels every 4-9 weeks and adjust as necessary.
    YYou will fee a lot better after you get a steady level.
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