This is probably the third time I post a thread of my recurrent UTI.
Been to the rehabilitation center for one month, they did a urodynamics and said i had a neurogenic bladder that could be treated with Vesicare 20mg twice daily easily.

As for the infection they checked my Urine Culture and prescribed 5 days of Ciproxin twice daily.
2 days after i finished the cure the leakage and pain started once again so they ran another urine culture.

This time they said i should take Augmentin twice daily for 13 days and so i did. My state started getting better but as soon as i finished the problems started all over. Now im 4 days off the antibiotics and have leaked all day with crazy spasms and abdominal contractions.
Tomorrow im going to do another culture to see whats showed up this time. Most of the time it has been something like Coli but hasnt made any difference for me.

Dont know if my doctors are useless or my case is smth strange but i think there should be a cure.
Cant go on like this