Hey eskey
im going my own infection battle but it started from me not drinking enough, my normal 4l was like 1 for a few days and I got nailed and still fighting. But I was doing real good before, I used the Microcyn AH skin and wound liquid not the gel and used 30ml straight first thing I'm the morning and roll around every 5 min for 40min total. And I was still having infections once every 3 months but it was better than once a month or less!

this where is gets weird and I can't explain it. A para in New Zealand reached out and said his uro over there told him to scrap the goo out from inside a aloe leaf and do the once a week and he's been infection free for years. I like natural remedies so found some aloe plants at first and did it less like once ever 2 weeks and then I was infection free for a year at a time. I'd normally take a AB in winter when I was peeing way to much blood but for 3 years I had two infections. This last December I lost my dog and didn't care about much for a while and the infection came back to kick my ass but that was my fault. I recently found you can buy aloe juice or aloe goo at Natual health stores so that's what I'm trying now and take it a couple times a week now. I'm also back trying cranberry pills and Dmannose. But try the aloe if you can. It did wonders for me