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Thread: Baclofen overuse

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    Baclofen overuse

    So I had a complete T9 injury and recently had a lumbar rhizotomy for severe spasms. I never had any kind of nerve pain prior to the surgery. Immediately after the surgery I had so much nerve pain I guess that's what it was I hadn't felt anything below my injury in years. So they tried different drugs in the icu to get it under control. None of them really helped I couldn't even tell you what they tried because I was pretty much out of it. So then they put in like an epidural with some kind of pain medicine in it. I have no idea what it was. So after I was sent home with lyrica and gabapantine (spelling?) neither of those really helped at all. I stopped the gabapantine because it was giving me diarrhea. It wasn't helping anyway and I can't tell a difference without it. Anyway I have started to get a lot of return and can move and feel quite a bit. I still get really bad spasms in my ankle. It hurts so bad because I can feel it now. I had pretty much stopped taking baclofen for a few months. I was getting to where I could move so much I didn't want anything to interfere with the return I was getting. The tspasms in my ankle would only show up once a week or so. That was manageable. One day in December it was so bad and wouldn't go away. So I took like 8-10 20mg tablets of baclofen. Well the spasms stopped in about an hours time. The nerve pain also stopped. It was amazing. I actually got relief for the first time in months. So naturally I found a way not to be in pain constantly and started taking that much baclofen daily. I hate the way it makes me feel almost like I'm drunk. But at the same time I love not being in pain. I guess my question is will a baclofen pump do the same thing without the other health issues?

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    Sorry my post looks like crap lol

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    While I have no personal experience with a baclofen pump, I would expect it to have the same side effects as the oral medication (ultimately it is the same drug)

    Just be careful. I hope you have someone who is prescribing you that much baclofen, because if you're just running out of your prescription early and you end up being not able to fill it at some point you can have a pretty nasty (rarely fatal) withdrawal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jscrog View Post
    Sorry my post looks like crap lol
    Just a suggestion...paragraph breaks would help make it more readable.

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    Max oral baclofen dose is 120 mg. Sometimes, they push it to 160 mg. But I have never heard of a 200 mg dose. Baclofen pills will eventually become useless for intractable spasms. Then what? The pump is your friend. It will control your SCI related spasms without side effects.

    Because the pump injects the baclofen directly to your spinal cord, you need far less and it completely bypasses your GI tract. Hence, side effects are far less, may be negligible. To put it into perspective, consider that pump dosages are in the micrograms whereas oral dosages are in the milligrams (x1000).

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    The thing is that much baclofen is getting rid of my nerve pain completely. Will a pump do the same?

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    Has anyone discussed baclofen dosing with you or did they just prescribe it? If you stop baclofen abruptly, or even reduce the dosage too fast, you could get serious side effects. You could go into shock. Spasms may get so strong that they could break bones (happened to me), you could have difficulty breathing, blood pressure could spike, you could die.

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    My prescription is for 20mg four times a day. So I'm pretty much doubling that. I had stopped taking it completely in May. The only thing is I kept on getting it filled. I was worried about insurance issues. So I have a ton of it. I'm not wanting to continue to take that much.

    I've tried lowering the dose but, after about 12 hours or so the pain comes back. It's like a constant tingling and compression. It doesn't sound bad but it is. I'm pretty tough and can take pain. I played college football for one season when I was a freshman in college. I practiced a whole week and played one game with a broken wrist lol. The nerve pain is just too much for me to take.

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    If the pills work, then the pump will work better. Don't stop it or reduce it abruptly. Just don't. It tends to make things much worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jscrog View Post
    Sorry my post looks like crap lol
    I will chalk up the profane, rude, and inappropriate private message you sent to me to the pain you are experiencing. You were the one who brought up how your post looked and I was only agreeing with you and making a polite suggestion.

    I hope you find a path to relief of your pain and I wish you peace.
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