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    I was put on on Bactrim 30 years ago taking 1 tablet a day to keep away from UTI's. I asked different doctors over the years if I should stay on and they all told me I should. I began to wonder if over the years if the Bactrim is effective anymore. Is there a way of telling its effectiveness other than getting off of it to see if I start getting UTI's?

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    There are lab tests that can be done on strains of bacteria, but I don't know if they are generally available for patients.

    How is Antibiotic Resistance Tested in the Laboratory?

    Antibiotic resistance is determined using four methods in the laboratory:
    1. Implication of resistance from bacterial species identification
    2. Disc diffusion using the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) method
    3. Measurement of the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC)
    4. Measurement of the minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC)

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