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Thread: quick release axle stuck

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    I am living in tropical country, whenever I came out from air-conditioned room to open space, my wheelchair will get wet, includes the axle. The axle stuck once due to the moisture. To avoid this happen again, I spray a little bit of WD40 on the axle once awhile.

    I think you can use hair dryer or heat gun to blow the camber tube for a while, to dry up plug.
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    The wheels are Spinergy Spox and quick release is gently domed, I have used the butt of a screwdriver to repeatedly, forcefully depress the button after feeding in 1/3 of a can of penetrating oil from the other end of the camber tube. I also loosened the large axle nut from the camber bar and attempted to loosen and back off the threaded axle housing - could not budge axle housing. Whenever I remove a wheel I spray with WD-40. The other axle appears to be well lubricated.

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    WD-40 is not a lubricant. It's a water displacer and an okay penetrating oil.
    A good penetrating oil is something like Kano-Kroil or WD-40 sells special penetrating formulations.

    I actually stopped using any kind of lubricant on my axles and just keep them clean and dry with a steel wool rubdown every once in a while. I found that lubricants leave a residue over time that creates fit issues.

    You'll really need to disassemble the axle until it looks like the photo below. Then I suggest doing two things:
    - If you push the QR button, do the bearings move? If not, see if you can push in the ball bearings with a screwdriver while you're pushing the QR button. If you can't move the bearings, add a good penetrating oil into the axle itself (A)
    - If you can push the ball bearings and the axle won't move, add penetrating oil to the area where the axle meets the sleeve (B)

    Let the oil sit overnight. Try to move it in the morning. Add more oil and let it sit all day. Try again.
    Also, sometimes, hitting things repeatedly with a hammer will help.

    If you have a big-button QR, it's also possible that something has happened to the stop nut beneath it and you aren't able to push the QR button in far enough to release the bearings. That's a bigger issue.

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    Thanks Brian, the pic was very helpful. I did use 1/3 of a can of actual penetrating oil dumping it down the open end of the camber tube hoping to hit the end of the stuck axle. The oil certainly hit a lot of stuff as I had a puddle on the garage floor after a while and I could feel the penetrating oil all over the threaded axle housing and on the qr button. In the Crossfire manual they direct the user to loosen the large axle nut next to the camber bar to increase/ decrease distance from wheel to frame. There is a slim washer between the axle nut and camber bar. There also appeared to be a very slim nut after the washer but I was unable to get a wrench to move this and the manual does not identify this as anything necessary to deal within order to back off the threaded axle housing. I think I will either have the bike shop or DME try loosening the axle housing. Top End wants the axle to examine it once it's out and will provide a new axle for free.

    Both quick release buttons feel like they are depressing the same depth with similar pressure.

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    I really cannot add to what has already been said. It is times like these that I am glad my chair does not have an axle tube and has an axle plate and sleeve. If something like this happens you have pretty easy access to the axle, sleeve and ball barrings on the end. My newest chair does have an axle tube but I really do not use it much. The chair I use most is a GPV.

    I hope you are able to get it unstuck soon. I hate having issues with my chair....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ancientgimp View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions. I did turn chair over so that stuck wheel is on garage floor. Removed other wheel and squeezed the remaining 1/3 of a can of penetrating oil down the camber tube hoping that it will coat the axle tip and free the bearings. Also followed this up with liberal spraying of WD-40 down the camber tube. I now have a small pool of oil on the garage floor seeming to indicate the oil must have reached the bearings on the axle.

    After reading Pat's suggestion I noted that the threaded axle housing is flat on 2 sides so I should be able to back out this threaded housing if I can reach it with the wheel still on. I assume then I will be able to examine the stuck bearings and work on them. I will wait to do this until I see if the penetrating oil and WD-40 have worked to free the bearings.
    WD40 isn't really that great of a penetrating fluid. About the best there is: a 50/50 mix of automatic transmission fluid and acetone.

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    Had this happen to my wife's AeroZ in less than 6 months. I succeeded by removing the opposing wheel & pounding a steel rod while holding the release on the bad pin. Once it finally came out it freed up and acted like nothing had ever happened.

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    Thanks, other Bruce

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