There are many ways to dial my phone and the phone dialer in the Microsoft operating system is probably the easiest and subsequently the most used Because my contact database software uses it to dial with a click of a button.

It will either dial the phone, send an email, start a letter in MS Word, locate them on a map, Skype, launch their webpage, Facebook, etc. everything you can possibly use the computer to communicate with somebody in one click. Even a wake up call.

With my quad club hand still can reach over and push the speakerphone button on the bottom right-hand corner of the phone. This gives a dialtone and the ability for the computer to dial. Now that I injured my back can't stretch or reach to push the number buttons, stretching to the push the 1 at the top left is incredibly difficult and painful.

Except for phone trees. It used to be that eventually if you never press a button you would get an operator, this is no longer true.

Phone trees have bothered me for years and have tolerated them until now. There has to be some sort of software, application or device that allows you to operate a phone tree by transmittinga tone to the com port or USB port that your Phone modem addresses.

Has anyone found a solution to this issue?

PS for my contact management needs used Time & Chaos since the 90's. When Microsoft stopped supporting Outlook Express, added the email module turning it into Time & Chaos Intellect. This is the only software program I've ever recommended.