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Thread: Flying with an inflatable cushion

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    Thanks for all the information! I really don?t wanna get to my destination and have a nonfunctioning question.

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    Yes. That would suck. My experience is as Jim stated "Adjust as needed." When you get settled on the plane, check its firmness. Once at altitude and leveled out deflate as needed to get similar inflation level. Don't forget to re inflate once landed.

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    I sent an email to Tom Borcherding yesterday. Here is his response:
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    Quote Originally Posted by badger78 View Post
    ...I have a narrower cushion for the flight. My chair cushion will be in the overhead storage.
    Wondering if I should leave the valve open and let the pressure change to what ever will. If I do then than it has to be totally reflated.
    If someone has done this and knows how much to deflate the cushion in storage without totally deflating its please let me know.
    Thanks, Dan
    I always open the valve on the cushion in storage (even if it doesn't need to be) because I live at 5000 ft altitude (Denver) and my destination will be a different altitude, so I'm going to have to adjust it anyway. Also, the pressure change from 5000 ft to 8000 ft (when flying) does make the cushion harder (with a closed valve), and it will be more likely to get punctured in the overhead if it is inflated.

    It sounds like you will be sitting on an inflated Roho on the plane seat. Even with the correct pressure (i.e. pre-deflate before takeoff), I have found that a high profile Roho sits me too high, causing 2 things: 1) my feet are off the floor so I need blankets or something (the overhead Roho?) under them; 2) the backrest pushes me forward, hurting my neck (bad posture). So I made a low profile memory foam cushion to use on the plane seat. It's not as good as a Roho, but it's ok for a 2-3 hour flight.
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    Thanks for sending that GJNL. I noticed on our last flight that the high profile ROHO was pretty firm when we landed and we took air out. Now, I'll monitor it during the flight too. I'm going to upload this info to my trip folder I created on Google Drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    Do you mean that your Roho cushion ruptured/burst like a balloon? Or do you mean that the cushion was very overinflated?
    Yes it completely ruptured. It was an awful experience.

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    I have traveled many times but never had a problem anywhere else.

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    I can't imagine the Roho bursting due to low atmospheric pressure unless it was over-inflated to begin with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    I sent an email to Tom Borcherding yesterday. Here is his response:
    I don't know who Tom Borcherding is, but he clearly doesn't know what he is talking about with regard to flying. The "belly" of the plane is indeed pressurized to exactly the same pressure as the cabin. It would actually be quite difficult to arrange for an unpressurized cargo hold on a plane with a tubular body. Thus putting your chair in the cargo hold is no more likely to cause pressure issues than is the overhead compartment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by easyway View Post
    Yes it completely ruptured. It was an awful experience.
    How old was your cushion? Could there have been some worn cells, pinholes that could have expanded and then erupted under the pressure of going from about sea level to 12,000 feet? Did you release air from your cushion while in flight?

    Did you report this to ROHO or ask for any remediation from ROHO?

    Not many of us will make that kind of flight/transition. It would just be good to know more particulars of your event so all of us can be more aware of the potential for a problem.

    Thanks for any more information you can add to the problem you experienced.

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