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Thread: Flying with an inflatable cushion

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    Flying with an inflatable cushion

    I will be flying soon, for the first time using an Roho cushion. Previously I had flown with Jay cushions. I?m wondering if anyone has any experience in how much to deflate a cushion as the cabin pressure decreases with altitude.
    I will be taking two cushions with me because the cushion I use in my chair is wider than an airliner seat, so I have a narrower cushion for the flight. My chair cushion will be in the overhead storage.
    Wondering if I should leave the valve open and let the pressure change to what ever will. If I do then than it has to be totally reflated.
    If someone has done this and knows how much to deflate the cushion in storage without totally deflating its please let me know.

    Thanks, Dan

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    I deflate as necessary.

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    I traveled with a Jay 3 with the Roho insert for the past 3 years. The pressure change is not enough that you have to worry about it popping. Your weight on the seat it is about the same pressure as the difference between the 8000ft altitude they pressurize the cabin to and wherever you are flying from (sea level to 8kft is 3.7PSI). The main thing I recommend is checking your cushion when you land. Depending on the difference between where you took off any landed, your cushion can be over or under inflated.

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    Previous discussions on this site:

    As you will notice there are various opinions on this subject, even different responses from the same people. Your best bet may be to contact Roho directly and ask them about needing to deflate the cushion during a flight.
    Tom Borcherding has been very generous with his time to answer questions from our members.

    Tom Borcherding
    ROHO / Permobil

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    My cushion gets hard as a rock which affects my neuropathic pain, and, it is not good for your skin.

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    I don't think the cabin pressure changes enough to effect the cushion. I just flew to Buffalo and didn't deflate my cushion and it was fine.

    My suggestion would be, if you're concerned, just deflate it.
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    I flew to La Paz Bolivia and my Roho blew up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by easyway View Post
    I flew to La Paz Bolivia and my Roho blew up.
    Just curious if you were sitting on your cushion when it failed?

    Not that your weight would cause it to fail, it's just that my understanding of how plane cabin's are pressurized means you would actually experience depressurization when opening the cabin door in Bolivia at 12,000 feet as cabins are generally pressured to the equivalent of 8000 feet. That would certainly be a rude welcome.

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    I have traveled many times but never had a problem anywhere else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by easyway View Post
    I flew to La Paz Bolivia and my Roho blew up.
    Do you mean that your Roho cushion ruptured/burst like a balloon? Or do you mean that the cushion was very overinflated?

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